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The core business of Timmerhuis Special Products B.V. is designing, engineering an producing machinery and devises. Thanks to a customer related working method we offer a wide scale of products.

Besides custom made products Timmerhuis Special Products B.V. is delivering ready products which are product related of the produced machines.

Timmerhuis Special Products B.V. is making a couple of products for their own trade. Q-line® products are innovative, revealing and progressive. These technologically proven quality products are unique and purpose built for training horses and competing with horses.

These technological proved solutions are developed en produced in their own factory. You have to think of solariums and exercisers for horses. With these solutions comes automatically a range of OEM products. These OEM products will be fitted and adjusted by Timmerhuis Special Products B.V. so they will be suitable for direct use of the customer. A handbook and manual are standard with all their products.

Not only are the products unique at Timmerhuis Special Products B.V. but also the customers. Every customer is unique and so the solution for that customer. Timmerhuis Special Products B.V. has a dynamic and professional team in building, designing and engineering. Thanks to a long experience Timmerhuis Special Products B.V. finds for every situation a suitable solution.

TSP briefly

• Designing and developing machinery
• Engineering of machinery
• Producing machinery and devices on small based series
• Delivering and trading with product related products

Complicated technical subscription? Don’t worry with products of Timmerhuis Special Products B.V.. All the products are simple to install and to use.
In combination with an internationally set up communication network, Timmerhuis provides an extended product range , rapidly and directly from the warehouse in Geesteren.

Your inspiration is our realisation!